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    Anh Q

    The only place to get your computer repaired! Excellent customer service and always going beyond what is expected! I recommend computer onsite for friendly and family Cheers Happy new year

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    want to take a mo...

    want to take a moment to sincerely thank you for your help and advice. I am up and running again...with minimal costs. I have already spread the word to call Computer Onsite for anyone who needs technical service. I know I would definitely use your services again. You were fast, accurate and, most importantly, kept your word on following up with me. That means everything." Thanks again To

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    Do NOT take your ...

    Do NOT take your laptop here. I always come away with NEW problems. We initially brought it in for a replacement keyboard. It came back without the back-light function because "I did not specify that I wanted a back-lit keyboard". It also came back with Wifi No Hardware found. When we brought it into Apple they said that they would not touch it because its contents were held in place with masking tape. Also - positive reviews on this site look like they were written by the owner.

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    Marry M

    "You need a real ...

    "You need a real computer tech - You call a real one. You call Tony . He is quick, find all problems fix it and you need him he is fast to come home . Highly recommended so for , he s the best I adopt him price very affordable" Great Services!!!!

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    I was horrified w...

    I was horrified when I split some Starbucks on my Macbook and it stopped turning on. I was afraid all my university notes would be lost. Its a good thing that Computer Onsite's repair experts were able to prevent any loss of my notes, and my Macbook works fine now! I would recommend this company to anyone who needs a quick solution to any Macbook problems.

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    My computer was returned to me in much worse shape

    I brought my netbook in last weekend to Computers Onsite, 1439 Woodroofe Ave with a problem to fix. The plastic cover around the screen had partially split open on the right side around the hinge and some very small black plastic pieces were underneath the screen cover. I asked them to clean the screen and to glue the plastic cover back together to keep it sealed and to take a look at the hinge to see if it was possible to fix. When I went to pick it up they used double sided tape inside to fix it and some scotch tape on the outside. Unfortunately, this did not help at all and the screen cover was not better than when I had left it there. Worse yet, there was a very clear scratch in the screen. For this they wanted to charge me $105. When I brought it up with the employee who presented me the laptop he said he didn't see it. Then, when I pointed to it, he said I wouldn't even notice it when the screen was turned on. This claim turned out to be false as it was clearly visible. After I expressed my disappointment he then claimed that the crack/scratch was there when I brought the computer in and that he distinctly remembers seeing it. He then said that he could get a new screen for me and install it, but that it would cost a lot of money. After my experience I expressed my displeasure with the service, demanded a refund and decided to take my computer elsewhere. The refund was granted. I was offended by the customer service of one of the employees, but the other employees were very nice. One of the other technicians who works there was especially helpful and I wish he had been the one who worked on my computer.

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