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  • Nourriture: 4.5/5
  • Atmosphère: 3.5/5
  • Service: 4/5
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Pizza arrived com...

Pizza arrived completely ruined. All of the toppings were piled on one side of the box. Clearly the driver did not have it sitting flat or had dropped it. We could not even put it back together to eat it, so I called them and they said they were too busy to send a replacement but would give me $30 credit, but no refund. Every time I called for this refund, the owner was not there and they would not honor it. Finally, a month later, the owner tells me $7 credit, not 30. Completely Unacceptable.

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Manpreet L

Our experience w...

Our experience was absolutely disgusting. The costumer service was awful as was the establishment. The public Health Unit needs to pay a visit to this location in newmarket because it is filthy, no hand washing when making pizza and dealing with money, hair nets not being worn with both the cook/cashier and driver have long hair and are dealing with food. I was hung up on twice, screamed at and told to never come back again...trust me I'll never go back nor will anyone I know go there.

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Slices are very large, yes. Low price for quantity. The pizza is very greasy and the crust is so thin that the slices are flimsy. You pay for what you get (quality-wise)

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The food was pretty good and the store looked alright but the lady yelling at the people working behind the counter was awful! Not only that but I have been in another time and heard her insulting the cook to another customer; while the cook was standing there... It was very rude and made me feel very uncomfortable. After the first time I decided to give them another try but not again I am afraid.

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Best pizza in Newmarket, PERIOD! This is by far...

Best pizza in Newmarket, PERIOD! This is by far the best tasting pizza you could have. Good luck finishing their HUGE slices. A slice of pizza with a pop costs $3.50. Their slice is twice the size of most other pizza places, and it tastes sooooo goood.

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  • Italienne
  • Cuisine canadienne


  • Pizza
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