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  • Nourriture: 1/5
  • Service: 1/5
  • Atmosphère: 1/5

Now here is a restaurant I would NEVER return to...

Now here is a restaurant I would NEVER return to. I returned some FROZEN sashimi, and watched the chef pack it away to reuse it. We were there for approximately 1hour and did not see the chef wash her bare hands once. She'd scratch the top of her head, and then make sushi rolls with the same unclean bare hands. It was disgusting. After complaining about the frozen fish, and letting the server know that we saw her re-use the fish we all touched, and the chef fail to wash her hands... There was no apology, no nothing. $80 NOT well spent! I would rather eat Kraft Dinner than eat there.

Atmosphère: 1/5
Nourriture: 1/5
Service: 1/5
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