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    Makan A

    Great environment. I really enjoyed my visit to this clinic. I think thay I found the best dentist, Dr Karimi is very professional and easygoing person. Staff are amazing, super clean, friendly and helpful.

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    Ava K

    With very comfort...

    With very comfortable environment, friendly staff, and professional dentists, I had a wonderful experience there. They treated my broken anterior tooth so perfectly which is unbelievable.

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    Oleksandra S

    Broke my 3 front ...

    Broke my 3 front teeth and came to the clinic as a new patient on Saturday morning. Got my root canal replaced, and three new teeth. Dr. Farah Karimi did a great high quality job, friends and coworkers didn't spot the difference. Thank you very much.

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    Faranak Y

    I was in throbbin...

    I was in throbbing pain when finally could find their office late friday evening.They managed my pain kindly and successfully.They are really professional and respectful, and really like to thanks them for their perfect job.

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    Jasmine t

    As a late night e...

    As a late night emergency patient who was in deep pain, I had a very good experience at this office. The hours are very convenient, the staff are very friendly and the price is reasonable. I would totally recommend this office to those who are looking for a dentist.

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    Ali S

    Worst Walk In Dental Clinic

    The worst dental experience I ever had with most unprofessional dentist. Wisdom tooth little part needed to be extracted. Arabic male dentist told me that whole procedure would take 10-15 min. Took more than an hour with continuous unsuccessful attempts. I gave up and asked him to stitch gums and let me leave Problems: Suction pump stopped working Scissors were not sharp enough to cut the thread Stitches started to open after 3 hours Complete failure

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