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Incisive and Expert Legal Advice

I sought out Currie Law regarding an employment matter. Maureen Currie provides outstanding legal counsel. She is straightforward and to the point. She outlines the pros and cons of all the options and possible implications in the short term and longer term. She was very respectful of me, listened to my story and was open to input. Her expert advice allowed me to move forward in a manner that protected my needs, my rights and future options. The end result was a win-win solution for me and for my prospective employer. Maureen Currie is approachable, thorough and practical. There is no doubt in your mind that she is working for you. Her wealth of experience and legal acumen is abundantly clear. Services are delivered in a comfortable, professional manner. She is truly a trusted advisor! Many thanks Maureen! MC

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Absolutely Great!

I was recently terminated from my job of four years and was offered a severance package. Before making a decision whether to accept the severance package I decided to seek legal advice. Based on review ratings on yellowpages.ca, I found Currie Law. Ms. Currie is nothing short of impressive. First, she responded to my phonecall personally, and was very patient and down-to-earth and was truly thinking in my best interest. After meeting with her, I was able to get a much clearer picture of the situation and of my options. Ms. Currie was very knowledgeable and experienced. She was professional and objective in offering her advice. She took the time to hear my employment and termination experience, explained to me the basics of employment laws, gave me her takes on the situation, presented me with various options and the pros and cons of each option. She is nothing short of spectacular and truly has her client's best interest at heart. Should I need relevant legal advice and/or representation in the future, I would not think twice before contacting Currie Law. She is a model for consulting professionals everywhere. C.G.

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I'd recommend Maureen Currie any day for employmen

I was recently terminated from a job I held for 22 years. I hired Ms. Currie to analyse and negotiate my package. I was worried that a lawyer might just be looking out for their own interest and may misrepresent whether the package was good. I found her to be straight forward, extremely friendly but a no nonsense lawyer. She told me that it was a good package and that if I were to go to court to fight it the lawyers would be the only ones that would win. I appreciated the candor and honesty but believed that after this many years I deserved more than what they offered. I hired her to negotiate a larger package. Thanks to her expertise I ended up with an additional 4.5 months, a longer period of benefits and even money for the loss of my company car. She kept me up to date each step of the way for the month and a half it took to reach agreement and my pay was not stopped in the meantime. I really had a good experience with this firm and recommended my brother in law who was fired last month. He was also impressed. I was bored and looking at the yellow pages tonight and thought if I could help someone else who is worried about a legal problem that it would be a positive thing to do.If all lawyers were as professional as her there wouldn't have lawyer jokes.

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not all lawyers are sleezballs

I was searching and saw someone say that all lawyers are crooks so I wanted to tell a good story.I was charged with dangerous driving and the other lawyer I spoke to said there was no chance of success and started giving me the gears and telling me how much a guilty plee would cost. So I left and phoned Currie Law and hired Maureen Currie.I am happy to say that she was really great and not a crook.She listened to me and really worked it in court.She cross examined the police so good that I got off with no hitch. She was worth the money. So some lawyers are the real deal!Just thought I would say it out loud and maybe help her out since she worked so hard for me.

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first rate counsel

I used Ms. Currie to address an employment situation for me a few years ago and was extremely impressed with her thoroughness and responsiveness. I ended up with an excellent severence. When our son got in difficulty in a criminal manner, I called her again, given that she also used to be a crown attorney. She is a most professional lawyer. She kept him up to date and responded immediately to any inquiries. His mother and I were very impressed with her handling of the trial. I know she worked very hard at his defence because the night before his trial we had to reach her at midnight and she was still at the office. I believe in letting people know when there is excellent service. Maureen Currie did outstanding work in our opinion.

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a pleasure to deal with

I have nothing but good things to say about this firm and the lawyer that I used, Maureen Currie. I went to her because I wanted a woman who I thought would better understand my issues better than the other lawyer I interviewed and found her thru an online review.She is excellent.She appeared in Court on my behalf on several occasions and I was always impressed with her demeanor and command of the law. So was the Judge I guess. I won and wanted to do something good for her and the public who need a lawyer but haven't any idea who is good and who is not. My calls were always returned promptly.She can be a bit aprupt but ends up being extremely understanding. She was more reasonable in the end than the other counsel I interviewed by several thousand dollars. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her.

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charges gone

I was worried when I was charged and hadn't before been in the courts.I found this firm through the phone book and was worried but i couldn't have chosen a better lawyer. Ms. Currie handled things really well and quickly.I guess you don't chose a lawyer by price but she was cheaper then the lawyer that the other person that was charged with me who used.I got off without a record thanks to her.Cool lady.

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Jasmine P

Really solid employment lawyer

After 17 years with my Company, I was recently terminated from an executive position 1 month before Christmas. I was offered what I thought was a fair package but thought I should have a lawyer review it because of a non compete clause. Didn't know any employment lawyers but saw this ad among the others. 3 other lawyers didn't even bother returning my call for days but Maureen called me back personally that night. I was a little doubtful when she told me that she thought she could get me another few months, especially when I didn't want a dragged out court fight but trusted her judgment. She got me 8.2 more months and made them take out the non compete clause.The communication between her and my company was very professional (much like the lawyer herself). We wrapped it up today, less than a month after my termination and I was paid throughout. Since I know how confusing it is to find a lawyer that is really out for your best interest, I wanted to pay it forward and recommend her. She was sure worth the drive from Mississauga.

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a criminal lawyer that knows her stuff

I was charged with a crime I didn't commit. I didn't know who to call since I was not from the area. I found Maureen Currie through the computer and also found another lawyer's name at a different office. I met him first and he seemed bored when I talked and more interested in getting my money then finding out about me. So I called this lady lawyer Ms. Currie. She defended me and got me off. She never gave me any attitude like she was too busy to talk to me. I was real impressed in watching her argue. In Court you could tell the Judge respected her. She was pricey but the Crown was looking to have me thrown in jail. I was acquitted at trial.I don't have a criminal record now thanks to her. I thought I would right this in case someone out there is in the same position I was in and don't know where to turn. She's real good.

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