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    Any of the positive reviews pertaining to this website must have been done by family members of the owners. I was first lured to visit this place (no, not 'restaurant') because they have a large sign on St. Laurent Blvd. which advertises a small shawarma sandwich for $3.99. This sign is false. They offer 3 sizes of sandwiches, the smallest of which is $5, a medium is $7, and a large is $10. $10 for a wrap with meat and vegetables on it! The store is dark, dingy, and filled with random knick-knacks and weird things on the wall. Not becoming of a restaurant. The background music was too loud and some woman screaming in a foreign language. Again not becoming of a restaurant. The two male employees working spent several minutes in the back socializing before serving me. They said they'd just be a minute. I was so offended I almost left right there! What a serious lack of even basic customer service! When the experience when from bad to hilarious was when an Asian female walked in and they began FIGHTING over who would serve her and who would be stuck serving me! Hilarious! The successful employee asked her what kind of Asian she was and if she'd ever slept with a Lebanese man. The food was bland. The vegetables tasted old, the garlic sauce was watered down, and the chicken was dry. Judging by all of this, go to another place for your shawarma needs.

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    Not Halal and Average food

    My husband and I came from out of town to check out some apartments. I was responsible to find a place to have a post Eid dinner. Hence I found on this site "Allisar Restarant / Lebanese Cuisine. First of all I got the impression that it was going to be a restuarant like atmosphere but it wasn't. Like 5-6 table to eat and run like a pizzza or fast food place. When we asked if the place sold Halal meat- the server looked to me to say " well that is what "they" say" When asked again... the man " proceeded to say" well that is what the owners say.... they say they buy their meat from a halal butcher" My husband and I were not too impressed. We stayed and ordered 2 shawarmas and to pepsi- the total was a bit over $20.00. The sandwiches were ok but not the greatest. We've had better. The chicken seemed dried and unseasoned. Unfortunately the place and food did not stand out for us. And most importantly- the guy lied to us about being halal. They are not and for that we won't be going back and we won't be recommending the place to anyone either.

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