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    Such a rude lady (I guess she's the owner? Because no way anyone with her service wouldn't be fired by now). I got my engagement dress from there and if it wasn't for how much I liked it, I would have never given my service to them. When I was dress shopping I decided to give them another chance...I walked in without an appointment just to ask FOR an appointment and she basically told us to leave, zero regard for the fact that we were potential customers and didn't ask what i was looking for.

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    The owner is extr...

    The owner is extremely rude and abrupt. When you are shopping in the store, it feels like you are a bother to be there. She doesn't seem willing to help her customers or provide any kind of customer service at all. Would never give my business to this establishment again, given the choice.

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    John M

    Extremely rude ow...

    Extremely rude owner, save yourself and go anywhere else!

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    Very Rude Service

    Very rude service at Baroness Bridal. Upon first arriving I was barked at to remove my shoes before really even getting in the door. They do not provide a bench or chair to sit on to take off your shoes which made it difficult since I was wearing strappy sandals with buckles. When being fitted in the bridesmaid dress they woman helping me pulled the fabric back around my waist and told me that I was "quite curvacious". I didn't really take this as a compliment. I am 5'2" and I weigh about 107lbs. I consider myself in pretty good shape. So, curvacious is not a term that I like to describe myself as. Also, she was telling me that she thought I needed a extra padding in the chest because I didn't fill out the top of the dress well enough in her opinion. If you want to feel horrible about yourself go to Baroness! They are great at this. They are very rude (well, at least the one lady I was dealing with). I still have to go back to pick up my dress and I'm dreading the experience.

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    This was the worst experience ever. The dress came in two months late. The service was awful. They were incredibly rude. The service was so bad that I will not be doing my tailoring there, as I can't stand the thought of having to deal with this store any more. I would never recommend going to this place.

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