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    Sean K


    PLEASE WATCH OUT. I'm a telecom/data contractor, had to pick up darker cat5e that would be exposed. called them to check the stock, according to their website&post on kijiji,and even the owner said bare copper. I ended up buying it and had to run 350+ft. once I installed it, i quickly realized it's not bare copper, it's Copper Clad Aluminium(CCA). center is aluminum, barely any copper around, spent hours trying to trouble shoot, found out it's worse than cat3. after spending 3hours x 2 (2man job

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    Réponse du marchand 21 octobre 2015

    We are sorry about the inconvenience happened to you. I have contacted the Sales Representative and the following is what happened in the store: The contractor came to the store and grabbed the 1000ft Cat5e cable at $55, made a payment and left. It was a quick transaction. You did not ask for Bare copper cable and as our sales was busy, no one ask you what you are going to use it for. Nobody mention Bare Copper at all. Later you came back to the store and complain the cable not working. When the Sales figured out that you cut more than 300ft to connect it to the security camera, she told you that the cable you bought was not the right one for your project and she introduced the Cat6 cable which will be $180. The sales on that day felt sorry for your job too and offered you Full Refund, even if you cut the cable. We just need the 1000ft cable back and the Receipt to process the transaction. However, you said you only want to return the leftovers and require Full Refund without your receipt, otherwise you will go to social media. The above is the whole story. It is impossible to offer you Full refund if you keep more than 350ft and only return hundreds of cable to us without receipt. Please be notified that we carry different types of network cable, price ranges from $55 to $180 for 1000ft Bulk cable. As a contractor, you are supposed to know your project and the requirement for your cable. If you were not sure which one is right, our Sales would be ready to help. If you mentioned that your were using more than 350ft for your camera the first you came to the store, our sales would recommend something else to you. However the only question you asked is if this is the cat5 cable at $55, the Sales said Yes and you made a payment and left. The cable you bought from us is Category 5e, not cat3. The Brand is Electronic Master, their cables and TV antennas are sold everywhere for years. Please do some research on Electronic Master and find the right product.


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