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    Honest mechanic, ...

    Honest mechanic, doesn't sell you anything you don't need. Quick, accommodating, (saw me the next day after I called and finished my job in an hour). I asked him to check a few other things for me as I bought my car used and he honestly said I didn't need to fix them. Gained a customer today

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    John S

    Honest, Cheap, Experience Mechanic

    I have tried many mechanics in town for my 20 year old 1992 Honda Prelude SR 2.3L. There are a lot of repair for such old car, so I have tried many mechanics to get their quotes. Regular jobs are CV drive shaft replace, rotor replace, brake caliper replace, O2 sensor replace, spark plug, parking brake replace, ABS speed sensor replace, etc Their price is the cheapest in Ottawa. Others are quoting me $600 to replace ABS speed sensor, but this shop is only $400. Moreover, the boss (Andy) charge by job rather by hour. Therefore, if the job not done properly (return to complain an issue he fixed), he will not charge again (e.g. diagnostic, redo it again). Many other shops will charge again even for diagnostic. I done 90% of the repair with this shop for 7 years. He is not good in electronic (ECU computer), face panel electronic, but even Honda dealer does not has the skill some times. Nobody is going to hire an electronic engineer B Sci, and good in digital interfacing. So I am still looking for one who is really capable of handling ECU related issue. Andy does has access to electronic version of Honda advance diagnostic manual. So he can follow the same diagnostic procedure Honda dealer is doing. This save me from paying Honda dealer $100 - $120/hr, yet most often leads to a $600 - $1500 bill. He does aware of common Honda Civic, Accord, etc problems, but not Honda Prelude. So most of the time, his team will diagnose from scratch. My biggest complain is that it takes 3 - 4 to set an appointment. Often 1 week I can only schedule 2 visit to his shop. This is important as I often verify each repair by driving and testing it. If it does not resolve the problem (more than 70% I return), I will continue to resolve it with them (b'cos he does not charge, or charge the different). Overall, I give 95% mark. Deduct 5% because he does not aware of common old Honda Prelude problem.

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