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    We were a bit reluctant to visit Lago at first due to many negative reviews but since we have a gift certificate we might as well checked it out. The food was quite good but very salty. We ordered calamari for appetizer and it came to the table way too fast! But a very interesting dish ... in a good way. Main course came about the right time. I had sable fish which was quite good but salty and a bit oily. My husband ordered a rib steak. From most of the reviews we read, Lago tends to over cooked their steaks so he ordered rare. It came out med-rare, but was good. I had key lime pie for dessert. Mediocre. The service was very good, our waitress was efficient and polite. What surprise me at the end was when I asked for my dessert to go because I could only eat about 1/3 of it. I opened the box shortly after she gave to me just to make sure it was my dessert (happened before). My dessert was literally dumped into the box ... it was splattered upside down! Not sure what happened there. Overall, it was a nice restaurant, good food and good service. We would visit it again.

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    disappointing Martini

    I have been to Lago quite a few times and love the patio, love the complimentary homemade chips, love the lollypop lamb chops served in the martini glass amongst many other things. I often recommend Lago to friends and clients because I think it is an impressive restaurant. Unfortunately for Lago, a bit of a hidden secret. I must comment on my last visit and I hope that someone from Lago reads this so that this can be corrected. When I choose to spend my money on a restaurant, I usually choose venues where I know I will have an experience. So, when I order a Martini, and pay almost $9.00 for a martini, I expect an experience. i.e. a nice martini glass with some cranberries and/or lime twist or something attractive. What I received was a cheap martini glass with a red drink in it. Nothing pretty, nothing fancy, nothing special, nothing "wow". I have had nicer and better martinis at Local Heros! For sure this will not prevent me from frequenting Lago, but I felt I just needed to help Lago keep their standards high. A loyal patron.

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