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    Rob M

    I called in about...

    I called in about an estimate for having one of my spouses rings reduced by half a size and the lady who answered the telephone was incredibly rude, impatient and I felt as if I was being rushed. I was also made to feel as if she was mocking me for not knowing the specifics of the ring, which, I did not have on hand at the time, I was merely inquiring for an estimate. It felt as if I was wasting her time over the telephone. I decided to end the conversation and take my business elsewhere.

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    I have bought a f...

    I have bought a few pieces at this location, to only find out later that I was over charged for the quality that I hot. I also brought them a ring I wanted to sell, that I had bought from them and had paid $4000 and they only wanted to give me $400 for it. I brought it to another store and they gave me $1000 for it. But they also said that I had way over paid for such a poor quality diamond in the first place. Double check before buying or selling to them

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