Meet Me at the Oak. Why do we call the Oak royal? It all has to do with our love of history and a keen awareness of our heritage. The story goes as follows...Charles II, whose father Charles I had been beheaded by Oliver Cromwell, became a fugitive whilst running from Cromwell's army after being soundly defeated at the Battle of Worcester in 1651. He took refuge with a Major Carlis in Boscobel Woods where the two hid in an oak tree to get a good view of the approaching army. They remained all day, the King sleeping from time to time, his head on a cushion on Carlis' lap. Cromwell's troops passed under the tree but did not see him or his companion. After Cromwell died the good people of England decided a monarchy was not such a bad idea after all. Charles II was restored to the British crown. In celebration, Charles' birthday, May 29, was designated "Oak Day" in remembrance of his escape from Cromwell in 1651. Plus...

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