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    We were charged u...

    We were charged us $300 for the installation of a dishwasher. During the installation he broke the drainage pipe but did not disclose that. He neither came back to fix the the self-created problem nor refund us the installation fee.

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    30 mars 2016

    Yes i installed the dishwasher. He reported the problem to the B B B. The B B B called me and said you have a triple a rating on your name. Can You explain. I installed a dishwasher for the man. 1.5 years ago & now finds a leak and blames me. As said to the B B B that I warranty my work for one year. However that I would go back at my own expense & repair the problem. The man would not reply & the B B B close the case & gave me my triple A rating. I will respond to any problem. Just have to let me know

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