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Quelle note donneriez-vous à cette entreprise?
    Shi J

    an untrust company

    An Auto Insurance Quotation email from SSY Marathon Insurance ( K.O. Bartholomew & Son Inc.) reached me, which I never contact before. I asked 'How did you get my private info', the representative answered "you provided it to us, you requested an insurance quotation online yesterday." then "Aviva Insurance Company forwarded us your information to contact you for a quote as a result of your request that was sent to them for an auto insurance quotation. " In fact, this company: Marathon Insurance is not one Aviva's website broker's list..... How do you think my private info be captured in Marathon Insurance? Will you do business with them?

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    10 avril 2015

    Aviva Insurance verified this individual obtained a quote on their website and was referred to Marathon Insurance as we are an Aviva broker. The individual provided their information on their own and we contacted them to follow up. Not sure where the confusion lies.

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