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    Had my car fail e...

    Had my car fail emission test, Pjc autoworks did the diagnostics and the repairs and passed!!! Thx for the good work

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    I had great servi...

    I had great service, my car ran really good after the repairs, I would suggest to my friends to take there car to that shop

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    peter b

    Excellent service...

    Excellent service, price was right,would recommend to friends

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    I took my car in for a simple safety test and was told that the car was dangerous to drive....the right strut is rusted right through and there's no way he can safety the car. He then added his own personal opinion that it probably wasn't even worth fixing and regardless of that, they don't do that kind of work and told me to go to a body shop. I was sick. He's just essentially told me that my car is all but ready for the junk heap and I can't afford a new car!! Like some do for medical, I went for a second opinion. The guys at Mr. D's Auto in Pickering were astounded at what PETER (remember that name!) at PJC had told me. I was told there is very little to no rust ANYWHERE and that he could even see that my struts had been replaced recently. They also went on to tell me that the guy flat out lied to me about anything being wrong with my car. He tightened a loose bushing, wrote of the safety certificate and had me out of there in an hour. What kind of person would put someone though that for no reason? I can only guess that they didn't even look at the car let alone try to certify it. I WILL NEVER GO BACK NOR WILL ANYONE I KNOW!!!!

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