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    What a mistake it...

    What a mistake it was going to this law office. I went for a consultation with a list of questions I had and I could not get a straight answer about any of the questions I had. The lawyer bounced back and forth between the best course of action saying one was the best then the next sentence she would say the opposite. She laughed at questions I asked and made me feel stupid for not knowing the answers (Sorry I didn't go to law school). The lawyer came across as very arrogant. My biggest complaint is that I left my one hour consult not having answers to my questions. I basically left there knowing only what I was able to find on the internet prior to the appointment. I was told I would be charged $325.00 for the one hour consult which I though would be a good idea since I would be leaving with definitive answers on what to do (I left more confused than when I went in). I got my bill that was $420.00 plus a couple dollars for postage!

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