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Nivani Luz, owner of Babys Corner, looked around her community one day back in 1996 and decided it needed a baby supplies store ran by someone who cared. She knew that with her knowledge and experience, she could help parents raise their kids with the right items to make all their lives a little easier.

“This store is a way for me to connect with my community,” Nivani says. “And to share my experiences with new and young mothers. I can help them get everything they need to be ready for their baby, and that makes me happy.”

A mother herself, Nivani wanted to open a store where moms could get the items they needed, from someone who’s been through it. So Nivani makes sure her store carries products that she knows will do the job. “I don’t focus on what’s cheap or expensive,” she says. “If it’s good for the mother, if it’s practical, if it works well, that’s how I choose the items I stock.”

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