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Quelle note donneriez-vous à cette entreprise?
  • Service: 3.6/5
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I had a dental emergency in the middle of a Friday night and I needed to see a dentist asap. I went to this dental office on Saturday 7 am and the Dentist who saw me was super helpful, kind and professional. Great service. (The receptionist was not as kind though..)

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Mohammed R

worst experience ever

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Suzana Y

exception service...

exception service and professionalism

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Suzana Y

Excellent and pro...

Excellent and professional!!! I went in a few weeks ago to get my wisdom tooth taken out because i was absolutely dying in pain !!! They admitted me with barley any wait! The receptionist was very professional helped me sign the papers accordingly and admitted me in immediately while explaining the main procedure. I must say Dr. Steele was extremely gentle and quick with the procedure!!! So happy!!! In regards to these other comments maybe no one has been to dental offices before??? Payment before admission is standard procedure and is completly understandable since anyone can have services done and run! Thank you again Dr. Steele and the staff!!! Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful!!!!

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Simply Terrific

Professional and courteous dental care. Dr.Kivlichan was warm and funny and most important for me, he was extremely gentle. Clinic took care of my tooth pain right away. Prices were very fair. Recommended.

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Gamar J

Today was my firs...

Today was my first day ever going to this emergency clinic. I got nothing but discriminated,and humiliated by the receptionist. When asked to speak with her manager she told me she was the boss. When asked for her name to make a formal complaint she would not give me her name. Lack of professionalism something needs to be done.

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Réponse du marchand 20 juin 2016

Totally mystified by this persons complaint.our staff are multi"ethnic", from all over the world-we do not discriminate by race,color,religion or any persons character.we treat all patients with respect, and are aware that patients may arrive in distress /pain,and may be very anxious.perhaps this person may have misconstrued our efficiency with discourtesy -an apology may be in order.anybody can ask for the dentist to call back . i will respond asap. the same day.we are there to help.

Paul B

My wife phoned fo...

My wife phoned for advice after our 5 year old fell at school and cut his mouth and knocked his teeth. Never has my wife been spoken to so badly before she ended up in tears. In the end we took our child to Sick Kids. If they treat people with the contempt they showed my wife on a call then I dread to think what they would do in person. Thanks for making a terrible day even worse!

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Andree G

Fell on my face a...

Fell on my face at 7 a.m while out with the dog. Broke my front tooth. I was in by 8:00 am and what wonderful people. The dentist was just great.

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First time I’ve e...

First time I’ve ever needed an emergency dentist in my life, and I’m thankful they were there. It was my regular dentist’s day off, and the receptionist was trying to put me off until the following day. I did some research on emergency dentists in Toronto, and these guys popped up. Who knew losing a filling would hurt as much as it did. Thanks, I’d recommend you to anyone.

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Do not go here!! Terrible service!!

I had a very painful toothache recently, so I decided to visit this dental hospital. The doctor put in temporary fillings before I see my dentist and assured me it should be okay. After the procedure, the pain seems to have been numb down. But when I got home, the pain slowly started picking up. So, today I called them up, but they wanted me to pay more to fix the toothache that they didn't properly fixed the first time for which I paid an expensive sum of $260+. Not only that, the phone operator was extremely rude, it seems like they don't care about you once they get the money. The only reason why I decided to try out this hospital in the first place was because it had 4 star, but now in my opinion, those reviews might have been fake. Either way, if you have toothache, try to find another hospital which actually cares about patient and is actually worth your money. In my experience, this hospital charges you a hefty sum of money yet it fails to fix the toothache and asks you to pay more to "fix" it again.

Service: 1/5
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Réponse du marchand 21 février 2013

To the person who was treated December 2012 and left dissatisfied, we stand by our services 100%. If for some reason we fail or a patient is unhappy we will refund the fee or redo the treatment at no cost .Our staff are courteous and attentive. I am sorry this individual feels this way .Our business is built on empathy and fairness both in fees and customer satisfaction. please contact our office and i personally will address your concerns

Elizabeth O

Excellent Place!

I would highly reccomend this place to anyone! I broke a tooth and wanted help on a Saturday evening and there they were, open until midnight! The office was VERy busy but even so i was seen within the hour and was home with a fixed tooth less then 2 hours from the time I broke it! The staff are SUPER friendly and the dentist himself was kind, gentel and very knowledgable. I was surprised that the cost wasn't more- I have paid more for a regular filling at my 'regular' dentist! Normally I can't stand going to the dentist so a rave review from me is pretty special! If you are misfortunate enough to have a dental emergency, go there- you won't be sorry.

Service: 5/5
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It was a great service. I was seen right away when needed with a great price and greeted by the friendly and helpful staff. I recommend it for everyone. thank you

Service: 5/5
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amazing place where to go for emergency

excellent service, pleasant staff, i would recomend everyone in case of emergency

Service: 5/5
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I don't recommend this clinic even to my enemies

I had a really bad experience. Everybody in this clinic take care of one thing - money. When you make a call to book an appointment doctor assistant discuss with you mainly one thing-how you are going to pay. I didn't get any useful advice, any help, but they made me pay. On top of that regular dentist offered me procedure that he was not allowed to do.

Service: 1/5
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Réponse du marchand 14 mars 2012

The comment from a person needing dental care was very unfair re our clinic. One of the first questions we are asked is how much? We charge similar prices as most dentists and always inform the patient before treatment to get their approval,we are extremely aware when many people call they are in pain ,we can't diagnose on the phone so we encourage them to come in if we can,t help then we refer them to specialists usually at no cost, all of the Dentsts are well qualified and can perform most types of treatment ,we would never ever offer a service we were not comfortable in doing Our goal is to provide dentistry we would be happy to offer our own families


Thank you

This is the perfect place to go if you have dental emergencies. No need to have an appointment, just go there and someone qualified will take care of any problem.

Service: 5/5
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