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iQliving, Vincent Menchella’s stylish homewares emporium on the Danforth, is a culinary geek’s dream. This shop's shelves groan under colourful gadgetry that ranges from popcorn poppers to potato ricers to popsicle molds. Plus, egg cups and martini glasses, pizza stones and pork shredders, spring-form pans and Dutch ovens are stacked throughout the store in a dazzling array of colour and style.

As an example of the variety of things in store at iQliving, if you ask for a garlic press you’ll find yourself looking at six. “Not all garlic presses are created equal,” intones Vincent. He’s right. One scrapes; another squashes. One is sleek stainless steel; two are garish bright plastic.

Vincent isn’t into faddish gizmos though. He seeks out objects that look good and work. “Overall we’re selling utilitarian products," he says. "If it functions well, then you can’t improve on it. People are still buying the same chef’s knife they bought 50, even 200, years ago. There’s really not much you can do to make it better.”

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