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My friends took me to this restaurant to...

My friends took me to this restaurant to celebrate my birthday this evening. They pre-ordered the chef's pick menu which costed $85.00 per person (6 courses dinner). The dinner started with this amazing clams hot pot soup with 3 different kinds of clams. Then we had beef tataki (AAA steak slightly grilled, sliced in very slices and serve on ice), and chawamushi (seafood egg custard). Then we had this sashimi boat with a 3lb live lobster sashimi on it. There were many different kinds of fish on the boat, which most of them I have never seen or tasted before. The chef told us that they have fishes deliver directly from Japan every week. All of the sashimi are extremely fresh, especially the lobster sashimi. After we finished the lobster sashimi, the chef used the lobster head, craw and shell to make a very delicious lobster udon soup. After, we had their famous dessert, banana tempura with green tea ice-cream to wrap up our wonderful dinner. It was a great experience and definitely I will visit again.

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I think the thing that affected my final overall...

I think the thing that affected my final overall ranking is the price. For assorted sashimi, I think $40 is a bit steep. From my personal experience, I've had the same quality from some other Japanese restaurants for a bit cheaper. The service was average. No better or worse than any of the other restaurants I've been to. Definately not something to write home to.

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Over the years of being a student at University...

Over the years of being a student at University of Toronto I became a regular at this place. The ambiance is very calming, the service is always excellent (many of the servers are from Japan, so expect that standard on most days), and the food is amazing. I frequently travel to Japan and the sushi here is just as good as the mid-upper range you'd find in Tokyo (albeit a bit more expensive). Prices are exceptionally reasonable considering the quality - you can find far more expensive sushi in this city that isn't nearly as good. When ordering, be sure to ask about the off-menu specials. This place frequently brings in rarer fish like Spanish mackerel, various cuts of specialized tuna, monkfish liver... whatever's in season at the time. Presentation for the Spanish mackerel was wonderful. Pieces of nigiri were sliced from the belly of the fish, presented as sushi, and the rest of the fish was pierced at the neck and tail with a bamboo skewer to be presented as a garnish. After finishing the sushi, the remaining fish carcass was returned to the kitchen for deep frying. It came served with some sort of sauce - the staff wouldn't say what it was, so it was probably something hideous, but dear god, was it good.

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I visited Mochizuki this afternoon, as I was...

I visited Mochizuki this afternoon, as I was determined to sit at the rotating sushi bar. There was nothing average about this place. The food, regardless of whether you picked it off of the conveyor, or if you ordered from the menu, was extremely fresh. I would say the freshest cross section of sushi I've had in Canada. (meaning items were NOT frozen) The service was very prompt and courteous, far from overbearing or phoney. The prices were not out of line either, in fact mirror some restaurants that only wish they could provide the atmosphere, quality and service of Mochizushi. I've enjoyed many Japanese restaurants in North America, and this would rank as one of the most memorable. I will return again. Kevin

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