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Often, it’s the simple touches that make all the difference between a good floral design and an outstanding one. At Parterre Flowers, floral designers bridge this gap by finding out about the customer. “A lot of florists have a flower arrangement recipe book that is the same across the board, but all of our arrangements are custom-designed,” says owner Meg Pinto. “A customer lets us know what their budget is and describes their vision. We’ll then find out as much as we can about the recipient.”

The result is a beautiful arrangement of flowers that shows all the special care that has gone into it. This goes for the various services provided by Parterre Flowers: event flowers, cut flowers and tied bouquets. “Customers often tell me that their flowers last one to two weeks which is very gratifying because that is down to how they are conditioned at the store. Often flowers will only last a few days,” Meg explains.

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