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    The dealer has been an absolute pleasure to deal with, found them patient, polite and informative . Pricing was very good and information was sound. Would definitely highly recommend Seiko Auto Service. The excellent information supplied was one good feature as was the pricing and their flexibility and patience. I cannot think of anything I did not like when dealing with the company. So glad I used Seiko Auto Service. Keep up the good work and thank you.

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    S W


    If i could give this place a 0 i would, but unfortunately i'm forced to give this poor excuse for a car dealership a 1. the owner (Bijan) & his sidekick (Ali) come across as nice guys at 1st but don't let that fool u. DISHONEST, UNTRUSTWORTHY & HORRIBLE customer service are their claims to fame. avoid a headache & go to a reputable dealer that is willing to make their customer happy which in return makes a repeat customer. also, a good idea not to bad mouth a previous cust. in front of a NEW one

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    9 janvier 2017

    hi , dear customer , i am sorry to see you are not happy with the deal we made , first think as i recall you took the car to your mechanic for inspection ,after he told you the car is ok , you ask us to put brand new brake and rotor , this car all ready had more then %75 brake and rotor ,but we did do it to make you happy , you didn't give us are asking price and got more than a $750, discount ,again for the AC problem ,because some times not working properly we give you $300 more discount , you told us you like to fix it your self , we told you let are mechanic do it you told us no, my good friend you buy a $7000, car for less then 5 . and after 9 month drive you are blaming us , you buy a good 10 years old car and you need to do maintenance and not right this review , any how god bless you and happy new year

    Babo M

    seiko auto has be...

    seiko auto has been very honest and they explain every thing up front , they never say no to customer if is fair they get it don , i am very happy with them and i recommend seiko auto , if you buy a car or fix a car ,thanks

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    Buyer beware. Sei...

    Buyer beware. Seiko Auto Body - a body shop. Vehicle paint deteriorated from white to grey in less than 4 mths of use. Cannot fix without complete new body job. Other problems with vehicle. Watch out.

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    Natalie G

    Test drove a car ...

    Test drove a car on a Monday, was very clear I would be back on Thursday with the buyer to purchase the car. They spoke with the buyer and said no deposit was needed. And then they sold the car to someone else on Tuesday.

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    Catherine S

    Highest Quality of Work and Service

    Excellent work - polite and courteous owner - Bijan quoted a price and time it would take to finish the work. Work was done on time and for the price quoted. I was very pleased with their work andservice. They even washed my car.

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