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When you walk into the two-storey home and garden shop, it’s as if you’ve entered a magical dreamland where the flowers never wilt and the pillows are always fluffed. Inside Teatro Verde, Italian for “green theatre,” you will always and forever hold your own home to the shop’s impeccable taste.

Owners Shawn Gibson and Michael Pellegrino created this dreamland by hand-selecting a range of items from good, better, and best to suit their clients’ individual styles. The artistic duo met through mutual friends in Toronto and combined their talents to conceive their high-end lifestyle emporium. Shawn is the interior design guru while Michael is the expert in all things floral. The two opened Teatro Verde in 1996 at Hazelton Lanes before moving into a historic building along Yorkville Avenue that was once home to Mount Sinai Hospital. They’ve been at the 9,000-square-foot location for over five years and have since opened two more outposts in Bayview Village.

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