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    Grant S

    After waiting hours, the Doctor was rushed and did not listen to what I had to say.

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    I've seen one fem...

    I've seen one female doctor who is not very good, but Dr. Ridha is fantastic. He listens well and truly makes every effort to help fix whatever is wrong.

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    Katrina N

    This place is hor...

    This place is horrible... I took my boyfriend there yesterday cause he has a very bad case of poison ivy... He saw this girl doctor who said it wasn't contagious.... And sent him away with nothing... It's not spread over half his body, when I tried to call into place my concerns they put me on hold where I could hear EVERYTHING. I heard customers come in say there name and what's wrong so they've breached confidentiality and then while I'm on hold one of the girls calls her mom about a flower arrangement while I've been sitting on hold, I will never go back here and to save yourself some stress I would recommend that no one go there.

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