Corbret's Pets & Ponds

3165 Walker Rd, Windsor ON N8W 3R6
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    jack o

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    Nathan L

    My girlfriend and...

    My girlfriend and I recently purchased a hamster from here. There was one that already had a disease that was being kept near the healthy ones. It took a while (5 days) for the hamster to settle down when she got home, unlike what the guy said that they have always been played with and should be okay. A month after the hamster had a tumor throughtout its body just like the one it was next to in the store. We called to see if they could do anything and they didn't care. Poor customer service...

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    My fiance, my 18 ...

    My fiance, my 18 month old and I walked into this building for the first time to browse around and look for the cute little puppies in the back. We noticed a small room where they had kept the animals. the room smelt horrible, like feces & it was very muggy & a TON of flies. There was an adorable pug, Pomeranian, Siamese cat & other animals in their small cages. They are standing on the metal no padding or small blanket for them to lay on. One of the dogs was filthy and had long nails.

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