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    Audrey T

    Vends des rats avec des puces et accuse ses clients d'être des menteurs. Affirme que ça viens pas de chez lui, ben oui toi, y ont mystérieusement apparus des que j'ai franchi la porte de chez nous avec.

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    Yannick G

    Had the most horr...

    Had the most horrible experience there. I watched a lizard I bought there die from what we suspect is severe dehydration. My friend bought a mountain horned dragon. Basically was already dehydrate before she got it and the move basically was too much for her to get back on her feet. The enclosure that used to hold her at the store was too small and not properly equipped for them. Mountain dragons can't see still water so they need dripping water or fountains, their enclosure has none of that. When I went to the store to talk calmly to the manager, she said she would sue my friend because my friend described her negative experience on her private facebook account which an employee was somehow tagged to, by someone else. Threatening a bad review on a private profile with a lawsuit? That's professionalism. So it was clear from the get go, she was not willing to have a serious conversation and simply wanted a confrontation. She then proceeded to accuse me of killing the dragon. Manager said the lizard had been checked by a professional and was healthy, when I asked her for the paperwork, of course, mysteriously, there is none so that leads me to believe that lizard was never examined. When I asked for the headquarter number, again, mysteriously, they don't have a phone number! They need to find a manager than can hold a calm conversation with customers. My friend didn't even fuss about the whole 300$ worth of equipment, just the 40$ of the lizard. Overall, horrible experience, even though I used to go there sometime for crickets which btw I've had a couple batches infested with mites which ruined a meal worm colony of mine, I am NEVER going back there. I sincerely hope they get some much needed new management because the conditions of the lizards is just inhumane. They need to put some effort into finding someone that will know enough about the lizard's they sell to do something as basic as keep them hydrated.

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    Lets 5 foot snake loose in store

    Approached associate handling the snake , Ryan, about this , he believes people fear for snakes is not his problem. No signs or sections roped off to warn people a snake is loose- they seem to have no protocol. I was then told by the manger " We are here for the animals not the people". I am not interested to give them my business and will boycott this store from now on.

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    Tina M

    Enjoyable Place!

    Great place to buy pets. The staff is friendly and helpful. It's clean.

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