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7848 boul Champlain, Lasalle QC H8P 1B3
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Quelle note donneriez-vous à cette entreprise?
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    Dave G

    Très bon service. Qualité d'impression excellente.

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    Annie P

    Over-priced & Disrespectful

    They over-charge by 2 to 4 times other copy places and if you question their prices, they immediately go from charming to being incredibly rude and insulting. They justify over-charging ($1.00 for 8.5x11, B&W copy) by saying they have to pay for the machine, the local, and himself to do it. All copies have no choice but to include a machine and local in their price, how else could you make a copy? So the other $0.75 goes to pay the owners, nothing to do with your copy. SHOP AROUND.

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    24 juillet 2015

    The prices for the copies LTR size are between 4 cents & 10 cents per automatic copies BW depending on the quantity. But the minimum charge for the service is $1 if the customer doesn't want to use the self service copy.

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