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A series of unexpected events led Lyna Petraccone to open a holistic boutique in St. Leonard in 2014. She was on the verge of retiring when she opened Oasis Infinie, a holistic wellness centre that offers a boutique and bookstore, workshops and a variety of private massage and therapy sessions.

This big change began a few years earlier when things in Lyna’s life weren’t going so well. Her mother had to go into care, and then her father died four months later. Her mother remained in care for another two years before she passed away. These and other issues profoundly impacted Lyna's sense of well-being. In fact, it got to the point where she  couldn’t walk anymore: she had developed a problem with her knee that required her to walk with a cane. Lyna visited doctors for a year, getting MRIs, therapy and injections, but nothing was working.

Things took a turn for the better when a friend suggested Lyna carry a small piece of fluorite, which is a crystal that is supposed to help with joint problems. Lyna put a small stone in her sock and wore it every day, and very soon she began to notice a change: she was sleeping better, she started losing weight and her knee got better. “I’m not perfect right now,” explains Lyna, “but I don’t need the cane anymore. More importantly, I can dance again and let the joy back into my life.”

After that experience, Lyna's friend Betty was closing her new-age bookstore and Lyna, who loved the bookstore's energy, realized she wanted to continue the good work her friend had begun. “Betty’s bookstore planted a seed here in the east end about the holistic way of life,” says Lyna. “And when I heard she was closing, I thought to myself, 'Something has to be done.' So, I used the little bit of money my mother left me when she passed away to open Oasis.”

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