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    I got a nail in my tire and they sealed it up quickly. The service was friendly and it didn't cost much at all. I get my oil changes there too and it's always been quick and easy.

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    Fast and easy oil change service! I've also used the body shop on several occasions, the office staff are extremely friendly and helpful, plus my vehicle was spotless inside and out when I picked it up.

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    Cassandra F

    Unprofessional, inconsiderate and lazy.

    Poor customer service in every department. Took 3 visits to fix a squeaky seat. Service broke a part during an oil change and didn't inform me of their mistake or offer to fix/replace part. Had bumper replaced which had all screws fall off leaving bumper unattached to frame. Went to get vehicle after having doors painted and had paint on interior fabric and seats (which stained) and dust everywhere. Many visits, never left satisfied. Would never recommend to purchase or use for any service.

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    Used to not mind, av

    Used to not mind, average slow service for dealer, then issues, have yet to return calls... and worst thing, they charged twice as much for initial install as the mechanic who eventually fixed their work! Not returning calls alone is unacceptable

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