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    Anna P

    I am disgusted by their level of professionalism and hate the fact that I paid money for their service. The manager was as rude as it gets and could not be bothered with my level of disappointment. 0/5

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    Emj S

    BAD SERVICES In Auto Repairs

    I've had encountered bad services in terms of getting our car fixed here in Canadian Tire thought it was the best because of the name but everything was wrong and failure.... It happened to us 3 times already hoping our luck will change but it didn't. Today my dad visited the store to get our car fixed up because of its faulty heater that gives him troubles for days already then after a couple of hours he got a call saying everything was fine already and ready to go so then my dad came and checked it up but worse case scenario they checked the "FAN" was running good and ignored checking the heater system that doesn't work "INSIDE" of the vehicle. Clearly my dad stated and briefly explained whats wrong with it but it was checked differently at the canadian tire. It was just a waste of the day concerning that we've trusted the company so many times and failed us in different situations. The-same thing happened to my cousin who got his Car installed with block-heater yet there was a fail in installing it due to a missing plug that God knows what happened. Hopefully it wont happen to some customer that loves this place getting their car fixed up. I know we wont be a great loss but we're just a customer that don't find satisfactory experience in this place.

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