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Dawn M

Heard about Hobo Pizza and Pizza Empire...all i know is i am 1000% happy i chose Hobo!! Very nice on phone and great delivery, easy to order, even said 45mins-1hr but my order was here in almost 30 mins!!Fast and piping hot! The pizza is delicious and generously covered in all the toppings i ordered, the garlic fingers are soft and cheesy and something different i ordered called Turkey Mess is extremely yummy!!!!! no question no doubt my absolute new favourite place!!!! Thanks Hobo, you rawk!!!

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Justine C

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Good For The Price.

This is an unbiased review, I just had Hobo's for the first time. The service was good in a way, not near as professional as other pizza places but they get right to the point, especially when you make an order. I went through the whole process in less than 2 minutes, and the Delivery guy had the change I needed. The pizza itself is good as well. A -little bit- greasy, but that's because of the sheer amount of cheese they use. The most generous toppings out of any pizza place I've been to so far. It's also a bit messy (Again because of the cheese), so you may want to have a pizza cutter or a good knife on hand for slice separation purposes. The garlic fingers are amazing, and they do provide Donair sauce (I wasn't expecting it considering the price). And finally, the "Jumbo" at Hobo's is slightly smaller than it is at other places (Probably 14"), but they make up for it in the toppings and price. Overal, 4/5. Would recommend, especially if other places have hurt your wallet.

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Best Non-Gourmet Around

If you want gourmet, look elsewhere. If you want a tastey fast affordable jumbo pizza feast, Hobo's is your best option. Always fresh. Good the next day too. Never short on toppings. Crust is not thick and very easy to eat.

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Best pizza ive ever tasted.

I've been going here for a while, they will deliever anywhere in the city and the pizza is soooooo good.

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Bad Pizza Bad Service

it taste like garbage and it arrives like a mess in the box, Ordered a large pizza and it came with cheese half way up each slice and half the toppings missing and the pizza was a mess in the box. The name of the pizza store for sure describes the pizza

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