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  • Nourriture: 5/5
  • Atmosphère: 3/5
  • Service: 4/5
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Emily S

Hard to place ord...

Hard to place order unless you want exactly a number 1 2 .... So on . Bad customer service hard to communicate with want to walk out every time I'm trying to explain what I want. Will not give refund on a messed up order. Live around the corner and stop in now and then when have no other choices always disappointed and tell myself never going again. Save yourself the stress and stay away .

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Shannon S

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Niki M

absolutely awesom...

absolutely awesome and very nice people, bring cash only

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Lora P


Love this place! Everyone always complains there's no menu online so here ya go!

Atmosphère: 3/5
Nourriture: 5/5
Service: 4/5
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