Northerm Windows

17 Burns Rd, Whitehorse YT Y1A 4Z3
Northerm is a manufacturer of quality, energy efficient, custom windows and doors in Whitehorse YT. In addition, we also have a fully integrated auto glass department servicing just about all makes and models of vehicles. Northerm Windows and Doors is also a major supplier of commercial aluminum products. Northerm is one of only a few manufacturers in the world that produces a true quad pane window. Our quad pane windows have a center of glass R value of 10 and are designed to withstand the coldest Northern climates. We produce windows and doors that are built in the North for the North. Our doors are classified as a security door with a 4" laminated stile to prevent warping and are energy efficient with a R value of 12. Need your new windows installed? Northerm has a windows installation team that can install your windows or replace your sealed units. plus...
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