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370 entreprises pour Avocats près de Musquodoboit Harbour NS

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Mark Knox T QC - Avocats - 902-422-0456

Mark Knox T QC

1 6051 Cunard St, Halifax NS B3K 1E6 Itinéraire


Knox Law emphasizes the fields of Criminal Law, Family Law, Prison Law and specific civil litigation fields. Call us today for more details!

MacGillivray Injury And Insurance Law - Avocats - 902-404-3239

MacGillivray Injury And Insurance Law

2 6452 Quinpool Rd, Halifax NS B3L 1A8 Itinéraire

902-404-3239 1-888-434-0398

The team that stands up for you when you`ve been injured or denied insurance benefits!

Bailey & Associates - Avocats - 902-465-4888

Bailey & Associates

3 800-46 Portland Street, Dartmouth NS B2Y 1H4 Itinéraire


Serving Nova Scotians since 1984 in criminal law, personal injury, civil litigation, divorce &family law & more. We offer tailored services tofit the special needs of businesses. Call us today!

Pressé Mason Barristers and Solicitors - Avocats - 902-832-1175

Pressé Mason Barristers and Solicitors

902-832-1175 1-800-630-2254

No injury is minor to you! Call our FREE 24 hours personal injury hotline & speak to a member of our highly successful personal injury team. We do in home & hospital visits. Free initial consultation.

Bedford Law - Avocats - 902-832-2100

Bedford Law

4 100-1496 Bedford Hwy, Bedford NS B4A 1E5 Itinéraire


The Bedford Law team of lawyers provides professional and personalized services in many areas of law. Serving areas of Bedford, Halifax, Sackville, and Halifax Regional Municipality.

Landry McGillivray - Avocats - 902-463-8800

Landry McGillivray

5 33 Ochterloney St, Dartmouth NS B2Y 4P5 Itinéraire


Since 1976 we have been providing effective, timely representation at a reasonable cost to individuals, small businesses, financial institutionsand land developers. Call us today.

Blois Nickerson & Bryson LLP - Avocats - 902-425-6000

Blois Nickerson & Bryson LLP

6 1645 Granville St, Halifax NS B3J 1X3 Itinéraire


Main office located in the downtown Halifax, offering a complete range of services including employment law, family & divorce, real estate, estate law, construction law and criminal law.

Pink Larkin - Avocats - 902-423-7777

Pink Larkin

Barristers & Solicitors
7 1463 South Park St, Halifax NS B3J 2L1 Itinéraire


Dedicated to the practice of law with an emphasis on labour and employment, professional regulation, pension and benefits law and criminal law.

Weldon McInnis - Avocats - 902-469-2421

Weldon McInnis

8 118 Ochterloney St, Dartmouth NS B2Y 1C7 Itinéraire


One of the Oldest Law Firms in Dartmouth Serving the Downtown Community Since 1955 Working to Understand Each Clients Needs & Helping to Achieve Their Goals.

Singleton & Associates - Avocats - 902-492-7000

Singleton & Associates

9 1100-1809 Barrington St, Halifax NS B3J 3K8 Itinéraire


Criminal law - Impaired Driving, Domestic Assault, Drug Offenses, Sexual Assault, Motor Vehicles Offenses, Pornography Charges, Weapons Charges

Wagners - Avocats - 902-425-7330



Free Consultations, Contingency Fee Arrangements, Class Actions * Medical Malpractice * Car Accidents * Slips & Falls * Serious Injuries * Long Term Disability

Walker Law Inc - Avocats - 902-425-5297

Walker Law Inc

10 2016 Quinn St, Halifax NS B3L 3E6 Itinéraire


Real Estate Law and Land Registration in Halifax

Atherton Nicholson - Avocats - 902-429-4104

Atherton Nicholson

52 King St, Dartmouth NS B2Y 2R5 Itinéraire


Experienced trial lawyers available to assist you with your legal problems. Call for a consultation.'

Evans Bruce - Avocats - 902-430-4123

Evans Bruce


Bruce Evans - Employment Law Specialist - Executive Compensation, Severance Packages, Wrongful Dismissal, Confidentiality & Non-Competition Agreements

Heritage House Law Office - Avocats - 902-465-6669

Heritage House Law Office

92 Ochterloney St, Dartmouth NS B2Y 1C5 Itinéraire


We are a downtown Dartmouth Law Firm of six Lawyers specializing in Real Estate, Personal Injury, Corporate and Commercial Law, Wills, Estates and Trusts, Family & Divorce and Civil Litigation.

Barrett David G Law Inc - Avocats - 902-835-6375

Barrett David G Law Inc

404-1550 Bedford Hwy, Bedford NS B4A 1E6 Itinéraire


Since 1988, David Barrett has provided outstanding legal services to Nova Scotians in real estate, wills/estates/powers of attorney, criminal law, corporate law, family law & personal injury matters.

CIR Law Inc - Avocats - 902-423-6900

CIR Law Inc

5536 Sackville St, Halifax NS B3J 1L1 Itinéraire


Chris Robinson - Barrister & Solicitor

Cox & Palmer - Avocats - 902-421-6262

Cox & Palmer

1100-1959 Upr Water, Halifax NS B3J 3E5 Itinéraire


Barristers, Solicitors & Trade-mark Agents in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, PEI and Newfoundland

Carruthers MacDonell & Robson - Avocats - 902-883-2247

Carruthers MacDonell & Robson

Shubenacadie NS


Real Estate, Migration, Divorce, Family Law, Wills, Estates, Criminal Law, Litigation & Corporate & Commercial.

Newton & Associates - Avocats - 902-468-9802

Newton & Associates

Barristers & Solicitors
192 Wyse Rd, Dartmouth NS B3A 1M9 Itinéraire


A Full Service Law Firm

Allen Law Inc - Avocats - 902-407-3434

Allen Law Inc

3-610 Wright Ave, Dartmouth NS B3B 0H8 Itinéraire


Cleary J Michele - Avocats - 902-445-2500

Cleary J Michele

2-6960 Mumford Rd, Halifax NS B3L 4P1 Itinéraire


Family and Divorce Law

Parkland Law - Avocats - 902-444-3998

Parkland Law

998 Parkland Dr, Halifax NS B3M 0A6 Itinéraire


We offer a friendly, comfortable atmosphere while staying on the cutting edge of the technologythat will help you in every aspect of your case.Conveniently located. Ample free parking.

Kent Law Office - Avocats - 902-865-5454

Kent Law Office

91 Sackville Dr, Lower Sackville NS B4C 2R3 Itinéraire


Real Estate, Corporate & Commercial, General & Insurance Litigation, Wills & Estates and Property. A personal and professional experience founded on years of experience and commitment to service.

Smith Evans - Avocats - 902-463-8100

Smith Evans

604 Queen Sq, Halifax NS B2Y 2N6 Itinéraire


Smith Evans - Civil Litigation & Personal Injury, Criminal Defence, Divorce & Family law, Real Estate, Corporate Law, Employment & Labour Law, Insurance & Disability

Harris Newton Law - Avocats - 902-444-7811

Harris Newton Law

620 Nine Mile Dr, Bedford NS B4A 0H4 Itinéraire


Harris Newton Law is a full service law firm that has the knowledge and experience needed to assist you with your goals.

Burchells LLP - Avocats - 902-423-6361

Burchells LLP

1800-1801 Hollis St, Halifax NS B3J 3N4 Itinéraire


Barristers & Solicitors

Davis Reierson - Avocats - 902-492-2866

Davis Reierson

6129 North St, Halifax NS B3K 1P2 Itinéraire


Clyde A Paul & Assoc - Avocats - 902-477-2518

Clyde A Paul & Assoc

349 Herring Cove Rd, Halifax NS B3R 1V9 Itinéraire


Harvey Manthorne Wilson - Avocats - 902-492-0614

Harvey Manthorne Wilson

Barristers & Solicitors
102-1819 Granville St, Halifax NS B3J 3R1 Itinéraire


Cooper Elizabeth - Avocats - 902-240-6140

Cooper Elizabeth

53 Queen St, Halifax NS B2Y 1G0 Itinéraire


Have you been wrongly accused? Call today!

Desveaux Jeanne - Avocats - 902-425-3003

Desveaux Jeanne

1684 Barrington St, Halifax NS B3J 2A2 Itinéraire


Tweel K Michael - Avocats - 902-422-6301

Tweel K Michael

305-5670 Spring Garden Rd, Halifax NS B3J 1H6 Itinéraire


Lenehan Musgrave LLP - Avocats - 902-466-2200

Lenehan Musgrave LLP

300 Prince Albert Rd, Dartmouth NS B2Y 4J2 Itinéraire


At Lenehan Musgrave LLP, our results-oriented family lawyers help you achieve the best possible outcome, We'll help you get through these trying and difficult times and into a brighter tomorrow.

Robert G. Cragg - Avocats - 902-422-1776

Robert G. Cragg

10-2625 Joseph Howe Dr, Halifax NS B3L 4G4 Itinéraire


Elliott Law Inc - Avocats - 902-454-9827

Elliott Law Inc

343-7071 Bayers Rd, Halifax NS B3L 2C2 Itinéraire


Raftus Mark - Avocats - 902-423-2050

Raftus Mark

306-5670 Spring Garden Rd, Halifax NS B3J 1H6 Itinéraire

902-423-2050 1-877-423-2050

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