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13 de 327 résultat(s) pour Dentistes (Central Saanich BC):

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Babin Dentistry - Dentistes - 250-412-5019

Babin Dentistry

200-4460 Chatterton Way, Victoria BC V8X 5J2 Itinéraire


Dentist, Dental Family Dentistry, Dental Implants, Smile Design Makeovers, Tooth Whitening, Dental Cleaning, Braces, Cosmetic Dentistry

Crapo C Ross Dr Inc - Dentistes - 250-383-3368

Crapo C Ross Dr Inc

206-4400 Chatterton Way, Victoria BC V8X 5J2 Itinéraire


Cosmetic & Restorative Dentistry, IV Sedation, Mercury-Free Dentistry, Holistic Examinations, Bleaching & Whitening, Dental Implants

Saanich Dental Group - Dentistes - 250-477-7321

Saanich Dental Group

119-1595 McKenzie Ave, Victoria BC V8N 1A4 Itinéraire


The Saanich Dental Group is a highly regarded, state-of-the-art dental practice

Dr John Keyes Inc - Dentistes - 250-385-7511

Dr John Keyes Inc

15-1120 Yates St, Victoria BC V8V 3M9 Itinéraire



Tatra Sunny Dr - Dentistes - 250-590-0166

Tatra Sunny Dr

905 Gordon St, Victoria BC V8W 3P9 Itinéraire


Your Friendly Family Dentists Conveniently located downtown Victoria near the Empress Hotel

Acadia Dental Centre - Dentistes - 250-386-8031

Acadia Dental Centre

216-895 Fort St, Victoria BC V8W 1H7 Itinéraire


New patients always welcome! Dr. Mansour Foomani at the corner of Fort & Quadra

Brentwood Dental Clinic - Dentistes - 250-652-3723

Brentwood Dental Clinic

1 111-7088 West Saanich Rd, Brentwood Bay BC V8M 1P9 Itinéraire


314 de 327 résultat(s) pour Dentistes autour de Central Saanich BC:

Westside Dentistry - Dentistes - 250-381-0028

Westside Dentistry

280-174 Wilson St, Victoria BC V9A 7N7 Itinéraire


Westside Dentistry is our home away from home and we hope that you will feel as comfortable here as we do.

Westshore Dental Centre - Dentistes - 250-474-2296

Westshore Dental Centre

Westshore Town Centre
152-2945 Jacklin Rd, Victoria BC V9B 5E3 Itinéraire


Contemporary Dentistry for the whole Family - Located at Westshore Town Centre - bring your family to meet our family!

Sidney Centre Family Dentistry - Dentistes - 250-655-7188

Sidney Centre Family Dentistry

Dr Loren Braun
215-9764 Fifth St, Sidney BC V8L 2X2 Itinéraire


Our mission is to provide patients of all ages with comprehensive, progressive dental treatment in a comfortable and respectful environment.

Sherwood Family Dental - Dentistes - 250-727-2273

Sherwood Family Dental

4136 Wilkinson Rd, Victoria BC V8Z 5A7 Itinéraire


Creating Beautiful Smiles - Family, General & Cosmetic Dentistry

Benjamin Bell Dr - Dentistes - 250-384-8028

Benjamin Bell Dr

220-1070 Douglas St, Victoria BC V8W 2C4 Itinéraire


“Love your smile Victoria” Specializing in; Bonding, White Fillings, Veneers, Lumineers, Crowns, Bridges, Dental Implants and Invisalign

Bayshore Dental Centre - Dentistes - 250-381-6433

Bayshore Dental Centre

115-1150 Douglas St, Victoria BC V8W 3M9 Itinéraire


Dr Todd Regnier and Dr Donald Bays

Thom David M Dr Inc - Dentistes - 250-479-8988

Thom David M Dr Inc

207-284 Helmcken Rd, Victoria BC V9B 1T2 Itinéraire


Serving Victoria and the surrounding area. New patients welcome!

Dr Cheryl Handley - Dentistes - 250-598-1313

Dr Cheryl Handley

2108 Oak Bay Ave, Victoria BC V8R 1E7 Itinéraire


Dedicated to Patients and Their Comfort. Family and Cosmetic Dentistry. New Patients and Emergencies are Welcome.

Ikonomou Vicky Dr - Dentistes - 250-361-4266

Ikonomou Vicky Dr

City Center Dental Clinic
200-608 Broughton St, Victoria BC V8W 1C7 Itinéraire


Family and Cosmetic Dentistry Complete Oral Health Care New Patients Welcome

Dr Chanel Gallant - Dentistes - 250-388-7412

Dr Chanel Gallant

Gallant & Thomson
500-1120 Yates St, Victoria BC V8V 3M9 Itinéraire


Our gentle dentist, Dr Chanel Gallant, & her friendly staff will do their utmost to make your dental visit a comfortable & positive experience.

Tuscany Dental Centre - Dentistes - 250-382-1711

Tuscany Dental Centre

Dr Bruce Peglar
201-1662 McKenzie Ave, Victoria BC V8N 0A4 Itinéraire


A full service family & cosmetic dental clinic, we committed to providing great treatment and service with your best interest first.

Mayfair Dental Centre Ltd - Dentistes - 250-361-9887

Mayfair Dental Centre Ltd

Inside Mayfair Shopping Centre
186-3147 Douglas St, Victoria BC V8Z 6E3 Itinéraire


Preventative, Bonding, Root Canal, Wisdom Teeth, Crowns, Bridges, Dentures, Emergency, Digital, Sensitivity, Cosmetic, Braces, Implants, Laser, Sedation, Children, Invisalign, Whitening, Veneer

Seaside Dental - Dentistes - 250-656-0711

Seaside Dental

214-2506 Beacon Ave, Sidney BC V8L 1Y2 Itinéraire


Comprehensive Dental Care, New Patients Welcome, Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Implants, Veneers, Crowns & Bridges, Professional Hygiene Services

Poplar Dental Centre - Dentistes - 250-477-8833

Poplar Dental Centre

1677 Poplar Ave, Victoria BC V8P 4K5 Itinéraire


We strive to hear these simple words every day, 'Thanks You Made My Day.'

Bartlett Kirk Dr - Dentistes - 250-479-4645

Bartlett Kirk Dr

4464 West Saanich Rd, Victoria BC V8Z 3E9 Itinéraire


Our team is dedicated to helping you achieve a smile that makes you feel comfortable, confident and happy. Locations in Victoria and Duncan.

Aspen Dental Group - Dentistes - 250-479-7555

Aspen Dental Group

305-4400 Chatterton Way, Victoria BC V8X 5J2 Itinéraire


You’ll find tons of reasons to smile when you visit Aspen Dental Group!

Serink Jennifer Dr - Dentistes - 250-382-4142

Serink Jennifer Dr

106-230 Menzies St, Victoria BC V8V 2G7 Itinéraire


Dr. Serink has been a James Bay resident for 3 and a half years and is excited to be able to work and live in such a beautiful vibrant community. She is also accepting new patients

Nagy Denis Dr - Dentistes - 250-598-5643

Nagy Denis Dr

302-1830 Oak Bay Ave, Victoria BC V8R 6R2 Itinéraire


Dental Specialists Dr. Denis Nagy and Dr. Frank Harreman. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

McMillan Ian A Dr Inc - Dentistes - 250-477-2621

McMillan Ian A Dr Inc

100-4090 Shelbourne St, Victoria BC V8N 4P6 Itinéraire


Family and Cosmetic Dental Care

Quadra Dental Centre - Dentistes - 250-727-6688

Quadra Dental Centre

403-3939 Quadra St, Victoria BC V8X 1J5 Itinéraire


New Patients Welcome - Quality Dental Care for the Entire Family - Dr. Corrie Fawcett, Dr. Nadia Robichaud

Dr Randall Pewarchuk - Dentistes - 250-478-8533

Dr Randall Pewarchuk

Randall A. Pewarchuk Corporation
633 Goldstream Ave, Victoria BC V9B 2W9 Itinéraire


Treating you like family for over 35 years!

Pacific Coast Dental - Dentistes - 250-383-0123

Pacific Coast Dental

Bennett Michael L Dr
150-736 View St, Victoria BC V8W 3Y7 Itinéraire


Esthetic & Restorative Dentistry, New Patients Welcome.

Bergerman Jerome Dr - Dentistes - 778-430-1111

Bergerman Jerome Dr

811 Royal Oak Dr, Victoria BC V8X 4V1 Itinéraire


General Practise dentistry

McMillan Graham J Dr Inc - Dentistes - 250-595-2933

McMillan Graham J Dr Inc

3581 Shelbourne St, Victoria BC V8P 4G8 Itinéraire


A practicing dentist in Victoria BC since 1980, with a genuine curiosity in the field of general dentistry, Dr. Ross Crapo’s desire for learning has earned him a respected name as a family dentist.

Chenowith Joshua - Dentistes - 250-384-1906

Chenowith Joshua

1175 Douglas St, Victoria BC V8W 2E1 Itinéraire


Family Dentist New Patients Welcome! Invisalign, Implant Restoration, Teeth Whitening & Cosmetic Restoration

Dr Amir Majeed - Dentistes - 250-656-9321

Dr Amir Majeed

102-2460 Bevan Ave, Sidney BC V8L 5C5 Itinéraire


Our highly skilled Doctor and his friendly and capable team pride themselves on operating with complete integrity and concern for their patients.

Hillside Dental Centre - Dentistes - 250-592-8282

Hillside Dental Centre

Hillside Shopping Centre
15-1644 Hillside Ave, Victoria BC V8T 2C5 Itinéraire


General & Cosmetic Dentistry - Evening & Weekend Appointments - Free Parking - New Patients Welcome

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