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Julia Kent is the food blogger behind The Domestic Blonde. Born and raised in Halifax but currently residing in Ottawa, she absolutely loves, loves, loves to cook and eat – particularly if there are noodles, hot sauce, cheese or red wine. When she’s not crafting new recipes, blabbering on her blog or restaurant-hopping, she’s got her nose in a book, playing soccer or watching really bad TV.
If you’re up early, you deserve to be rewarded with a great breakfast. After all, it’s the most important meal of the day (or at least that’s what they say!). Whether you’re in the heart of downtown or out in the suburbs, there are lots of delicious breakfast spots in Halifax to choose from, and a few that even specialize in early-morning fare.
When it comes to planning a business lunch, finding the perfect spot can be a challenge. You need a place that’s not too noisy, with reasonable wait times and efficient service. And of course, it’s an added bonus if the food and atmosphere impress the people you’re meeting with, whether they’re colleagues, partners or clients. These Halifax restaurants have been tried, tested and approved by the city’s movers and shakers.
Some may be surprised to hear that Halifax is known for its rock star bartenders, but it shouldn't really come as a shock, since Maritimers are known to fancy a drink. The fact is that the Nova Scotian capital boasts seriously creative bartenders who are producing some of the country's most cutting-edge craft cocktails. Nestled in the downtown core, there are endless options for tasty and inventive libations in Halifax.
Not to be too morbid, but if I was on death row, my last meal would definitely be Thai – it’s my favourite type of cuisine on the planet! The first time I ever had Thai food just so happened to be in Halifax, and I’ve been completely hooked ever since. Thai fare is very popular in the city, so you’ll never be too far from a steaming plate of pad Thai or a bowl of spicy green curry.
Is there anything better than the weekend? Those two precious days – when we can sleep in, escape the 9-5 grind and start our morning at a leisurely pace – come with an extra special treat: BRUNCH! If you find yourself in Halifax, there’s no shortage of weekend breakfast options ranging from greasy spoons to upscale eateries to hidden gems off the beaten path. These local spots are all sure to please.
Whether you’re craving a glass of Cabernet or Pinot Grigio, you always have choice in Halifax. Would you prefer a dark basement wine cellar, a breezy seaside patio, or a warm and cozy fireplace nook? And although we're not exactly a wine-making hotspot, there a few regional gems that hit it out of the park every time. If you like bubbles, keep an eye out for Nova 7, which is so popular it’s almost impossible to keep in stock.
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