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Taking a Full Swing

Stephen Leavitt was working as a financial planner in 2011, when he noticed how tough it was to find a place to buy used golf clubs in Calgary. “There was nowhere to buy used clubs other than on the internet. Golf clubs are the kind of things you want to try them before you buy them,” says Stephen. “I saw a niche in the market to do something that no one else was doing.” So he decided to sell clubs from his basement and Golf Traders was officially on its way.

He bought clubs wholesale and sold them online from his basement. “I like to tell people I started the business with 500 bucks out of the trunk of my car,” says Stephen. Golf Traders has been growing ever since, doubling in business every year. “It only took two or three months before I was able to quit my job,” says Stephen. He started with about 2,000 clubs stored in his basement but now he has a store, an Ebay site and has partnered with another company out of Saskatchewan. Golf Traders now has about 13,000 mint condition used golf clubs in stock, on average. In 2016, it started selling new clubs, too.

Every day we have people saying they’re never buying a golf club from anyone else. - Stephen Leavitt, owner
Golf Traders started out selling used clubs but now also carries a wide range of new clubs, in addition to golf apparel

Cross Canada Search

Golf Traders is one of the largest golf equipment companies that accept trade-ins and buys used equipment from the general public. They also get a large selection of overstock and demo models from manufacturers. Golf Traders also makes the cross country trek to find deals they can pass on to their customers. “We buy from about 200 golf courses from across Canada,” says Stephen. “We try to target the premium courses. My business partner spends the whole month from mid-September to mid-October travelling from golf course to golf course, hand picking and buying leftover inventory from the courses’ pro shops.”

It takes in-depth knowledge to know how each club is different and what impact shaft flexibility and length play into a person’s swing. It’s a knowledge that only comes with experience. “I was an avid golfer but I didn’t know as much as I know now about golf clubs,” says Stephen. “It gives me an idea of what to buy and what I wouldn’t buy again.”

Golf Traders also accepts trade-ins on golf clubs

Customer Satisfaction

Right from the start, Golf Traders was a big hit with golfers in Calgary. “Our customers are so passionate about golf and golf traders,” says Stephen. “Every day, we have people saying they’re never buying a golf club from anyone else. Every day, we have people saying they are hearing about us. It’s really the customers and their overwhelming positivity towards what we’re doing here that keeps me coming back.”

And, Golf Traders continues to look ahead to the future. In 2017, the store will become an authorized fitting centre for the major manufacturers of golf clubs. “We're excited about adding that additional service to our list of things we provide to our customers,” says Stephen.

Golf Traders visits golf clubs to personally select which inventory to buy from golf pro shops
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