The Knitting Room
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A Knitting Community

Helena Gerson, the owner of The Knitting Room, has been knitting since she was a young girl, making everything from socks to sweaters. But it wasn’t until a few years ago that she decided to turn her lifelong hobby into a career. “I had been going to the same knitting store for years,” she explains. “And I discovered one day that the owner was planning to retire.” Helena decided to buy the business, both to keep up her work and to be more involved in the knitting community.

The Knitting Room has been an important part of Calgary’s knitting community, which is a responsibility that Helena takes very seriously. “For many people, we’re the only place they can get good quality knitting supplies, patterns and yarn,” she says.

You can do two stitches your whole life and create something different every time. - Helena Gerson, owner
The Knitting Room
Serving northwest knitters, the shop carries quality knitting supplies, patterns and yarn.

Knitting Classes, Yarn and More

The Knitting Room is more than a supply store. Helena also regularly holds classes to help eager hobbyists learn new techniques. The classes vary from introductory lessons for children to more advanced techniques for experienced knitters. “I enjoy teaching,” Helena says. “I believe it’s important to teach this skill and pass it down to people.”

Helena says that of all the classes she offers, her favourite is teaching kids. “I love teaching the children,” she says with a smile. “They make a teddy bear that they get to keep at the end. They love to learn and they have something at the end that they can be proud of.”

The Knitting Room
Customers use the Knitting Room space to connect and knit together.

A Community-Focused Knitting Store

Helena is most proud of the people that frequent the store, because they’ve created a community together that’s centred on knitting. “I have people who come in here just to knit and see each other,” she says. “It’s one of the best parts of my job, having people use this space to connect and knit together. Some people come in three or four times a week.”

The community feel extends outside the store, however, as Helena uses her connections within the knitting community to help charities in Calgary and around the world. “Every time we have someone donate wool, I give it to local knitters who use it to make something for charity,” she explains. “It gives them something to do and helps someone get something that they need.” Depending on the yarn, donated items can be turned into vests for children in Vietnam, clothes for people in local hospitals or used as comfortable padding for women who have undergone mastectomies.

No matter if you’re new to knitting or an experienced pro in need of quality supplies, The Knitting Room will have what you need. Helena prides herself not just on having created a great store, but also a place where knitters can meet, knit and build something together. “You can do two stitches your whole life and create something different every time,” she says. “That’s what knitting’s about.”

The Knitting Room offers classes for kids and adults.
The Knitting Room offers classes for kids and adults.
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