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Multi-track Minds

“People are wired from birth with an interest in trains,” says Trains and Such owner Don Chehowy. “I remember growing up in Fort William, Ontario, and all the locomotives that rolled through. I felt an affinity for them since day one.”

Trains and Such got its start in 1972 under different ownership. In 2006, Don gathered some other enthusiasts and seized the opportunity to buy it. Over the years, Don has expanded the company from its traditional brick-and-mortar roots into a larger online presence.

“We have complete services for model railroads, but we cater to hobbyists of all types,” Don says. “Architectural firms may come in for scenery and small tools to build scale models. War game hobbyists come in for scenery and detail parts. We have a lot of supplies for diorama builders. Anyone who’s looking to build models and small-scale examples can come to us.”

This may be a niche industry, but we are not generalists: trains are what we do. - Don Chehowy, owner
Trains & Such

All Aboard for Model Trains in Calgary

While Trains and Such caters to a range of hobbyists, their bread and butter comes from train enthusiasts. There is a lot of variety within this group of hobbyists. “We get a lot of women who mention how they wanted trains instead of dolls when they were younger,” says Don. “People of all ages come in looking to start a new hobby, and we set them on the right track.”

Don and his staff try to help anyone who visits their store. They advise experienced collectors on bench work and wiring, while also introducing the hobby to people just starting out. From wooden Thomas the Tank Engine trains to the more expensive sets of metal and brass, this mecca of moving miniatures has a huge collection that will appeal to any customer.

“We have lawyers and waste-management professionals talking shop about trains,” Don says. “It’s great to get kids away from video games and the creative component, with building your own bench to the wiring and layout, is important for all ages.”

Trains & Such

High-Tech Train Sets

The Trains and Such eBay store has a vast selection of trains and full sets for collectors. Don and his knowledgeable staff digitally roam across North America for the best and oldest available. “You’ll find $300 metal trains to $1000 brass sets,” says Don. “We have a large variety and a lot of them are 30-to-50 years old. Much of it is unavailable otherwise.”

On the Trains and Such team, you’ll even find an ex-CP railroad worker with 35 years of experience. “He does digital command control and can install working lights and sounds on most any train or scenery detail like ambulances and fire engines,” says Don. “This may be a niche industry, but we are not generalists: trains are what we do.”

Trains & Such
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