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What is Barre Exercise?

There’s a new upbeat, low-impact workout that is becoming popular around the world and you can only find it at one place in the Edmonton area: Barre Body Studio. Owner Megan Clark had some friends opening a similar studio in Calgary and knew it would succeed here, too. “There’s really no other workout like it,” she exclaims. “It’s a blend of ballet, Pilates and yoga. Most of the classes are done at the barre.”

While the workout utilizes a ballet barre, you don’t need prior dance knowledge to participate and reap the benefits. This isn’t dancing, it’s about body control and focusing on specific muscles. “Because movements are so small and controlled, they get really deep into the muscles and create a burning feeling,” says Megan. “We target a small group of muscles at a time and isolate them and take them to fatigue and then stretch them out so you get those long lean muscles.”

The instructors at Barre Body Studio have taken specific training to teach the class and make sure every session is different. They avoid set choreography to keep participants engaged and make sure the energy is always high.

There’s really no other workout like it. It’s a blend of ballet, Pilates and yoga. - Megan Clark, owner

Low-Impact Exercises Anyone Can Do

The best part of the exercise program at Barre Body Studio is that it is low-impact, so anyone can do it. “It’s really easy on the joints,” says Megan. “You’re not going to get the strain on the body that you would get from higher intensity workouts.

It doesn’t matter what fitness level you are at either, because the movements are easy to learn. “Because the movements are so small they’re very easy to pick up,” says Megan. “People who haven’t worked out in a long time can move at their own pace, and because the movements are small, they don’t look any different than the experienced barre students. But people who are super fit also get a great workout, because they’re able to squeeze their muscles deeper using the same movements. No one is doing anything different, but everyone is getting a full body workout.”

Personalized Fitness Instruction in Edmonton

Barre Body Studio keeps their class sizes small so instructors are able to provide individual attention to each student. “Because the classes are small we get to know everyone’s name. We speak to them before and after class and help them with any problems,” says Megan.

The Barre Body Studio has had a major impact on the bodies and lives of its students, and nothing could make Megan happier than seeing her vision of barre exercising in Edmonton coming true. “It’s very rewarding to see people who haven’t worked out in a lot of years just fall in love with barre and see their health and body image improve.”

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