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Holistic Healing for Mind, Body, Spirit

Geha Gonthier and the team at Wellness on Whyte aim to inspire individuals to discover their own inner sanctuaries, and awaken the body’s innate ability to heal. “Human beings are a complex blend of body, mind, and spirit,” Geha says. “In order to achieve healing, you must address all three components of being, and that is exactly what we are supporting people to do.”

Wellness on Whyte opened in 2012 and has always held a vision of integrating natural healing modalities from East and West. With a preventative approach to maintaining client health, qualified team members offer services like acupuncture, massage, Ayurvedic treatments, reflexology, flower essences, nutrition advice and more. Geha's goal is to make a tangible difference in the lives of everyone who visits Wellness on Whyte. “I want people to experience deep relaxation, to be more in tune with themselves, to feel healthier and inspired.”

I want a person to leave relaxed, more in tune with themselves, feeling inspired and feeling healthier. - Geha Gonthier, owner
Wellness on Whyte: Acupuncture, massage, facials, sugaring, pedicures, doula services, nutrition, flower essences
Wellness on Whyte has always had a vision of integrating natural medicines from the East and West together.

Natural Healing From a Worldly Perspective

Geha came to Edmonton from Maui after travelling around the world and learning her craft. She grew up in Vienna, where she attended university before moving to New York to study holistic healing. She settled in Hawaii in 1991, where she lived “off the grid” for more than a decade. Geha's personal discoveries over that time motivated her to share the gift of wellness with others, which led to the founding of Wellness on Whyte.

“My purpose is to invite people to live an inspired and meaningful life.” Geha says. She soon realized that her professional goals didn’t come without obstacles. Leaving her quiet life “off the grid” and going back to school to get the proper accreditation was a difficult adjustment. However, being rooted in a holistic way of living has and continues to give her the ability to adjust to the challenges of life.

Wellness on Whyte: Acupuncture, massage, facials, sugaring, pedicures, doula services, nutrition, flower essences

Wellness in the Community

Geha is committed to connecting with the surrounding community. Wellness on Whyte is able to do this by hosting workshops, while some of the team members also teach out in the community. Geha personally reaches out to inner city youth through iHuman, a non-profit organization that engages Edmonton’s traumatized youth who live high-risk lives. “There’s a considerable population of youth in the community who can very much benefit from what we offer.”

Geha and her team are developing a program through Wellness on Whyte where they not only treat youth, but also educate them about holistic healing and how they can use it to improve their lives. Honored by her success to date, Geha plans to continue on this path, supporting others in finding their inspiration and discovering their own inner sanctuaries.

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