Fets Whisky Kitchen
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Over 600 Bottles of Premium Whisky

Nothing beats the taste of a smooth, premium whisky. At Fets Whisky Kitchen, owners Eric and Allura Fergie are dedicated to offering the best whisky available worldwide: something that has impressed Vancouver’s premier whisky connoisseurs.

Eric has decades of experience in the industry, having founded Fets in 1986. As his restaurant gained a reputation for having exceptional whiskies and delicious food, Eric decided to expand, moving into his Commercial Drive location in the mid 1990s. In 2013, he officially rebranded his restaurant from a bar and grill to Fets Whisky Kitchen.

We formed a partnership with the Scotch Malt Whisky Society – we were the 19th bar to do this worldwide,” says Eric. “With over 600 different kinds of whisky, we have something for everyone’s tastes. We’ve also launched a new whisky cocktail program with upgraded spirits. It’s been a big hit, and we’re very excited about it.”

We accept people into our restaurant the same way we would if we were having them over to our own home. Like the whisky we offer, the food we serve can only be of the highest quality. - Eric Fergie, co-owner
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Southern Inspired, Whisky-Infused Food

Beyond their dedication to providing exceptional whisky to their customers, Fets Whisky Kitchen is also famous for their Southern-inspired menu of fresh, hearty food. “We like to say we’re ‘Southern inspired, whisky infused,’” says Eric. “Our restaurant is about making people feel comfortable. Everything on our menu is comfort food.”

With many dishes including whisky-infused gravies and sauces, Fets Whisky Kitchen lives up to its name. “People love our jambalaya and the Cajun cream chicken pasta,” says Eric. “They’re two of our most popular dishes. With hearty portion sizes and the big, bold flavours of the South, everything combines perfectly with your favourite whisky.”

Great Whisky, Great Food, Great Service

A major reason for Fets Whisky Kitchen’s success is that their food is fresh and produced locally. “We get our meat from a local farm; it provides all of our chicken, beef, and pork,” explains Eric. “We also get our vegetables from local farms and markets, provided they are in season.”

As a family run business, Eric and Allura pride themselves on their friendly service and comfortable atmosphere. “We accept people into our restaurant the same way we would if we were having them over to our own home,” says Eric. “Like the whisky we offer, the food we serve can only be of the highest quality.”

For Eric, the best thing about the restaurant is the relationships he’s been able to develop with staff and customers. “I truly love what I do. It’s very rewarding to come to work every day doing something you are passionate about. The people are incredible.”

With an open concept dining room, Fets Whisky Kitchen has a warm and airy atmosphere. “It’s a great place to come for a relaxing evening,” he says. “Even if you’re not a whisky fanatic or aficionado, you can still enjoy yourself. The food is delicious and the service is great. But it’s also just a fun and friendly place to be.”

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