Cluny Bistro and Boulangerie
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Par Randi Chapnik Myers

French twist

The more Mathew Rosenblatt and his partners thought about bringing a French bistro to the famed Distillery Historic District, the more they liked the idea. “At that time, French bistros in Toronto were such a cliché,” says Matt. “They all seemed to be caricatures of the ones in France, those stuffy places our parents used to frequent. We wanted our French restaurant to be a place that we and our friends would want to go to enjoy a great night out.”

What Toronto needed were more creative, fun places for people to eat a meal and there was no reason that French food couldn't fit that bill. “Cuisine in France is vibrant and modern, and draws from influences around the world,” Matt explains. So he set out modernize the French bistro experience.

When customers walk through the door at Cluny, they are faced with a breathtaking urban design in the tradition of the old French bistros, but with a modern sensibility — from the décor, to the food, to the service. - Mathew Rosenblatt, co-owner

The finest food

Oh la la! The fine food here makes you want to kiss your fingers. “We serve the highest quality ingredients in a fun way to make French food accessible to everyone,” Matt says. Indeed, there is nothing stiff or pretentious about this menu, where the meals are meant to be shared. Enjoy updated takes on classic prepared by a top chef, such as French onion soup with bubbling cheese, beef tartare, chili fried frog legs and beignets (salt cod doughnuts), just to name a few.

The drink list is equally wonderful. Coffee comes in a French press, and Instagrammable cocktails include the showstopper Marie Antoinette Martini, topped with cotton candy.

Plus, you can take your pick of rooms here. In addition to the main dining room, there’s a beautiful bar area, a large outdoor patio and two private rooms for events. There’s also a boulangerie where a world famous pastry chef bakes fresh breads and desserts.

“At Cluny, you know you’re going to enjoy the experience, because that’s how we designed it,” Matt says. “It’s a special place where you can go with people you like to celebrate life because, when you think about it, that’s what dining out is really all about.”

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