Paul's Pizza & Steak House


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  • Grilladerie,

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  • Cuisine américaine,


  • Pizza,
  • Steak,

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  • Anglais,
528 2 Ave SE, Airdrie AB T4B 1S2
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Went into restaurant on Thursday night and it was AMAZING. Ordered 2 orders of wings on Saturday night and went in to pick them up. Very disappointed in the wings. Would not order the wings again. The food on Thursday was incredible. Seems odd there would be that much of a difference.

Atmosphère: 5/5
Nourriture: 3/5
Service: 5/5
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Excellent food..I order here regularly. Always delivered within an hour with the food being hot and fresh!!!!

Nourriture: 5/5
Service: 5/5
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outordered here two times this year both times pizza was cold and second time( yesterday) pizza box delivered riddled with holes and obviously everything was cold driver and store when i called did nothing.. they screwed up their second chance and will never get a third from me or my family members.

Atmosphère: 1/5
Nourriture: 1/5
Service: 1/5
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Never had an issue with the staff or the new owner. The servers are always polite and friendly. Pauls is the only place I will go for pizza. Never had a bad meal there.

Atmosphère: 5/5
Nourriture: 5/5
Service: 5/5
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The moment we entered we were greeted and seated exactly where we preferred. Our drinks were ordered and came quickly, and our server was patient that it took us a little time to look over the entire menu. Our starter caesar salads were delightful, with the aroma of the garlic greeting us. However, the dressing was slightly under-seasoned, and as a result did not taste quite as good as it smelled. Also, it came with a bare handful of croutons, and no bacon. The main took a little longer to appear, but in the meantime our places were cleared amazingly fast and our server made sure we were doing well, filling our drinks instantly when they emptied. Our mains came, and the pizza was at least a good solid inch thick, the prime rib a large thick slice. The pizza eaten by my company was made with fresh tomatoes, pastrami, cheese and it had a beautiful brown and crispy crust. If based on their pizza alone, the food would rate a four. Unfortunately, the steamed vegetables accompanying the prime rib were obviously not fresh, and were bland and overcooked. The garlic toast was also likely frozen once, and made with flavorless mass-produced garlic grease, and pretty much just tasted like regular toast. The fries were thankfully crispy, and seasoned well, while the prime rib saved the meal for me. It was very tender, a nice pink colour on the inside, and the accompanying beef gravy was delicious and it was obvious how fresh product (the meat) can be absolutely delicious, compared with its gross sides. The atmosphere was good, with everything from the booth material, to the walls and paintings going well together. However, it was rather plain, and only a little above your average, mass produced, chain restaurant. The pricing is a little lower if ordering sandwiches or burgers, but the dinner items place a meal in the 26$-60$ per person bracket. Overall, it's a decent quality family restaurant, with something for everyone. However, they put a lot of quality into their fresh pizzas, and it shows in comparison to the other options. If based on their pizza, this restaurant would rate far higher, but unfortunately they offer other choices. Go here for the pizza and you probably won't be disappointed, but otherwise it would never qualify as anyone's favorite restaurant.

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