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    Karandeep L

    Great service, I was delighted with the section of Birkenstocks and I was very pleased with the overall all experience. Fabulous staff. 10/10 would recommend

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    Lee C

    Great service with super nice and helpful employees

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    Huge selection great people!

    I visited the birkenstock store on 14th street in calgary just last week to purchase a new pair of birkenstocks. I had owned them before and every where else I had purchased them had seemed to have very limited styles and knowledge of the product compared to the very helpful staff at this business. I couldnt beleive the amount of colors and styles they had!! The staff at the store were very on top of the fact of making sure I was in the correct size, and that I was getting the style and color I wanted, if that meant they had to rush them in or not. I was happy to walk out of the store that day with three pairs of birkenstocks, and a smile on my face as the people working there were very very kind and had nothing but positive energy and great things to say!! All in all, great place to shop! Fantastic people who love there product and job! And yes an amazinggggg product!! If your after a pair of birks and a smile, head down to the birkenstock store in Kensington!

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    Today I visited this store to try on and definitely purchase some Birkenstock sandals. I had never owned a pair so I wanted to try on various styles. The gentlemen who served me was very rude and obviously did not want to make a sale. I had tried on two styles and when I asked to try on a third, he intemated that he did not have time for my indecisiveness and that I should decide what I wanted. I said I did not like his attitude and did he not remember that I was the customer? He mumbled something back at me. I then decided that I would not purchase the Birkenstocks from him no matter how much I wanted. On my way out he said to me, "you'll be back and you'll be sorry". Not likely I replied. I am still in shock at how rude he was. I have never encountered such rudeness in my life.

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