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1615 Centre St NW, Calgary AB T2E 2S2
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    Horrible service clerks yelling and treating people like they are stupid

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    Great place for all fx and bullion. Ive been going here for years, and no other place have better rates, prices or service.

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    Albern seems to give the best deal on foreign exchange. They are helpful and friendly. What more doyou want?

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    I have been dealing with Albern coins for the past 18 months. I have found their people friendly and helpful. They are quick to to serve their customers, but always have time to answer questions. In checking with other foreign exchange and gold and coin stores I have found their payment to be above average. I am very pleased with Albern Coin.

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    jack s

    the only reason this shop is still running because they are 1 of the few privileged dealer in Canada authorized to buy direct from the RCM and gain a slight price advantage of all other dealers. The prices shown in their website don't match their real selling price, quite different than ALL other online dealers with a website which can lock in your price live on internet. Their markup can change from week to week, depending who is making the call and the mood of that salesman at the time.

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    Unsatisfied with lack of customer service

    I went in to this store to sell some gold. I went to another store the following day to sell some gold. The policies at both stores were completely DIFFERENT. I called Albern Coins and was inquiring about some questions and asked if they were busy and the gentleman told me "depends on what your looking for" ??? I have asked about inquiring my social insurance number for a transaction of a gift and was told this was policy. Hmmm? I then asked for some information on the T5008 and they were unable to provide me with any answers. I then asked who I would contact and they told me CRA. If they are dealing with federal and provincial laws shouldnt they know about these forms especially if asking someone for their SIN number? I also asked about their apparent "Gatewest" company located in Winnipeg that sends out these forms and for their phone number, again unable to provide me their number? I would not recommend this company and to do further researching when selling items such as gold, silver and money. My SIN number is now with them and they are unable to provide answers I am now feeling uneasy about this transaction.

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