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Dr. Ania Mamiasheva knew what she was going to do with her life since she was a child. “I knew from grade one that I was going to be a dentist,” she says. “I came from a family of dentists. I never had any question about what I was going to do.”

Both she and her husband Dr. Rustam Mamiashev came to Canada in 2005 from Kyrgyzstan. They initially debated about doing something different, but dentistry was their life, so they both went back to school to earn their Canadian licenses. By 2013, they were ready to open R & A Dentistry but wanted to take over an existing practice and shopped around until they found the perfect one in southwest Calgary.

“I’m a very tidy person and organization is number one. In dentistry, there are so many details, and everything should be organized and paid attention to,” says Dr. Mamiasheva. “When I stepped in this office I felt that somebody just like me was practicing in here. It felt so right to me.”

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