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Axe Music is Calgary’s largest music store, carrying a vast inventory of instruments, PA equipment, DJ decks and recording gear as well as offering lessons and repairs. “You want to be able to buy the instruments, learn how to use them and get them serviced. Basically, it’s a one-stop shop,” says Brian Cymbaluk, the Calgary store’s managing partner since 2003.

Regardless of the variety, the giant guitar in front of the store on Macleod Trail is the tip off as to what's inside. Often it acts as bait for guitar collectors, as Brian recounts. “I’m sitting in my office, out of the corner of my eye, I see this guy come in and I do a  double take. I look closer and it’s Joe Walsh!” The legendary guitarist from The Eagles, James Gang and “Rocky Mountain Way” fame just happened to be passing by on his way to the Saddledome and impulsively wanted to see if Axe had any instruments he could add to his own massive guitar collection. Indeed it did, as he found a Fender Stratocaster to his liking.

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    Roger C

    I recently bought...

    I recently bought a Yamaha P2500 S power amplifier from Axe Music, an amp that unfortunatlty had factory defects making it unacceptable for me... But Brad Pettigrew then took charge of the problem - a long two weeks process during wich we had to communicate on a regular basis by email - and he never let me down, managing it to have my amp replaced by Yamaha Canada ( the unit being picked up here at home, shipped to the company and the replacement one being delivered within a reasonable delay ).

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    Great location

    This place is huge and located convieniently right off Mcleod - youll find everything you need here with helpful staff

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