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A quest for originality and innovation prompted three friends to open a business that, at its heart, is about creative development. Derek Ho, Jacqueline Vo, and Andrew Phan combined their talents to open Café Blanca in Eau Claire. “Blanca means white. It’s meant to signify a blank slate, a blank canvas,” says Derek. “It’s a place where ideas are welcome, whether in a half-baked thought or a fully thought out idea it doesn’t matter, it’s a place to help develop and germinate ideas for them to nurture and grow.”

Derek’s background is in creative advertising, Jacqueline’s is in finance and Andrew is a successful entrepreneur. They were discussing what kind of environment would foster their own personal passions and came up with a business plan for Café Blanca. “It came about as a vision and an extension of something that all three of us have all been excited about – which is creativity, music and the heart of creative development,” says Derek.

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  • Atmosphère: 5/5
  • Nourriture: 5/5
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Stellar coffee. I went to Cafe Blanca in downtown Calgary during the Acoustic Open Stage and enjoyed the Siphon Coffee and the amazing atmosphere. To my surprise the food was fantastic.

Atmosphère: 5/5
Nourriture: 5/5
Service: 5/5
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APPALLING TREATMENT OF MUSICIANS. After an excellent show tonight by a local guitarist and a singer from Vancouver, I watched the owner and two other staff pull the musicians into a side room and try for over 15 minutes to avoid paying them the agreed upon rate. As a fellow musician it disgusted me to see how little value they placed on the musicians' work (because that's what it is!!) and the countless hours of practice and preparation it takes to perform professionally. The duet performed a great show deserved far more than what they had to settle for. If you gig at all in this town, steer clear of this place.

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Réponse du marchand 15 janvier 2015

We appreciate the dialogue you had with us on our Facebook review page. We take this situation seriously and we understand your concerns regarding payment. We always pay artists and have never withheld payment from anyone who has performed. We are responsible for each artist’s experience at Café Blanca and we always work towards making improvements; as such thank you for your feedback. Marla & Ben performed an amazing show as indicated in our Twitter posts. We sincerely hope their talent will be shared with many others in 2015! All the best.

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