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3911 37 St SW, Calgary AB T3E 6L6
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    Barbara D

    While I was waiting in line to pay for some things for my granddaughters, an older man (owner, manager?) cut into line between the two young people using the cash register. When I called him on his rudeness, his response was that I should be willing to wait because I was only buying two things. That is no way to run a business, or hope for a return visit. BGD

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    Réponse d'entreprise 23 septembre 2019

    Hi Barbara, once again my apologies. I did not realize that you had only two items as there were many items on the counter. regardless no excuse. Once I found out the line queue was maintained and you did go first. Many times customers need a written receipt and I endeavor to reduce waiting times at the till by continuing to use the cash register as the previous customer gets a written invoice. The gentleman I was serving had two items, and no I do not expect you to wait. Sorry. Doug Earle


    Blonde older lady treated me poorly like I didn’t know what I was talking about, left empty handed at the end, would never go back in my travels to Calgary.

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    Réponse d'entreprise 27 septembre 2019

    Hi chry0345, I have tried to determine what you were looking for, and why we failed to give you great customer service unfortunately I cannot seem to identify the reason. I can only offer you my apologies as we do strive to deliver great customer service to all our customers. I understand your feelings and frustration towards Canuck that this interaction has caused, and hoped you were able to find what you were looking for elsewhere. I am always open to discuss if you ever want to call. TY Doug


    I have been using Canuck Amusements for years for awards and banquet supplies. Customer service, speed, product quality and inventory are second to none. I would recommend this store to anyone who needs awards or is planning a party.

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    I love this store!

    Outstanding service! I think this is one of the few stores that I have be to where the staff have mastered the art of greeting me when I come in & offer assistance without being "salesy". I am self employed so I understand the value of great service. I have visited Canuck Amusements for all of the following and I am always please with the results: Baloons and party favors, client gifts, promo products for my business and awards for my business and soccer team. You guys rock!

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    Did not want dona...

    Did not want donate 10-20 of the cheapest balloons for Nathan & his grandparents for a ballon release in their memory. Little. Disappointed.

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    Réponse d'entreprise 16 avril 2015

    Hi Crystal sorry to hear you were a little disappointed. Just thought I would clarify our policy as far as donations go. We are approached by many nonprofit and charitable groups looking for a donation and although they all represent good causes unfortunately we are unable to support them all. What we do is we offer a discount to these groups so that all may receive something rather than just a few receiving it all. Just so you know we did offer a discount for the balloon release for Nathan and his grandparents, and we did over 300 balloons that day for various groups and individuals participating in the release. We can appreciate how important these causes are to the people who donate their time, money and energies supporting them, and are truly thankful we have these people making this a better world.

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